Previous News

4/4/16 – The Virginia Department of Transportation recently awarded Brooks & Co. with a contract for the construction of a new office buidling at their Emporia location. Construction of the buildig includes concrete masonry walls, a wood truss roof system with asphalt shingles, and related architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and site work.

3/27/16 – Brooks & Co. just started the construction of a multi-purpose athletic field at Hickory Hill Community Center for the City of Richmond. The work includes demo work, relocation of power lines, site work and landscaping, fencing work and field goal post installation.

12/31/2016 – Chesterfield County has recently awarded Brooks & Co. a contract to do renovations at the existing License Inspection Office. The work will include demo, plumbing and HVAC work, and installation of new restroom accessories, light fixtures, and wiring. The project will start in January 2017 and will be complete in approximately 4 months.


10/21/2016 – Jefferson Davis Commercial Center Expansion – Brooks & Co. has recently started a project at the Jefferson Davis Commercial Center. The project consists of a 4,000 square foot tenant space to an existing retail building. This includes block external walls, wood truss system and a PVC roof membrane system. The addition will be finished out as tenant are acquired.

9/21/16 – Brooks & Co. has recently started renovating the bathhouses at Carter Park Pool for the Town of Ashland. Renovations include new finishes and replacement of toilet partitions, toilet accessories, plumbing fixtures and light fixtures. A 222 square foot addition is also included in the project, which consists of a new family bathroom and storage room.

7/26/16 – Brooks & Co. has just started renovations of 5 restrooms at the VDOT Richmond District Complex. The work includes all new fixtures, finishes and automatic door controls. The restrooms are located in 2 seperate buildings.

6/15/16 – Brooks & Co. recently started interior renovations to the Community Development Department of Goochland County. The project consists of renovations to approximately 7,300 SF that includes demo, new finishes, new interior doors and frames, new ceilings, new electrical, some new mechanical and plumbing work, and modifications for new openings. Equipment and furniture installation will be coordinated with the owner.

04/25/16 – Brooks & Co. has recently been awarded a contract with the Department of Juvenile Justice for Improvements to a pavilion at the Bon Air Juvenile Corrections Center. Work will include a new roof and wood railing.

4/19/16 – Brooks & Co. was recently awarded a contract with the Virginia State Police for the construction/renovaiton of a 380 square foot unfinished 3rd floor space for the Driver Training Facility in Blackstone. The work incldues HVAC, electrical and other finishes.

3/2/16 – Brooks & Co. recently started construction at Fire Station 14 for Richmond City to remove and replace the roof. This includes demo of the existing roof and installation of a new roof system, including synthetic slate shingles, flashing, membranes, coatings, gutters and downspouts.

2/18/16 – Brooks & Co. was recently awarded a contract with John Tyler Community College to renovate four (4) existing rooms, including new doors and a new partition wall to create a new office space.

11/13/15- Brooks & Co has just been awarded the contract to build a new plubic pavilion for the Town of Warsaw. This octagon shaped structure will sit at the Town’s park in the center of Warsaw. The “EDA” designed facility includes such features as a stamped concrete floor, decorative columns, a metal roof and a remarkable cupola from Campbellsville Industries. The project should start in December and be completed in early spring.

11/3/15 – Brooks & Co. was recently awarded a contract with VDOT to construct a new chemical storage building in Stony Creek, VA. The work incldues building a new 3700 SF pre-engineered building on a heavy concreted foundation. The building will have 11′ concrete walls and an asphalt floor. The pre-engineered structure is an arched membrane structure that is open on one side. An existing chemical storage building will be removed at the end of the project. Work will be completed in approximately 5 months.

7/16/2015 – Brooks & Co. has just started the replacement of the cupola at Fox Elementary School. The project includes the removal of the original wood cupola which dates back to 1911. The replacement unit will be a well matched aluminum structure from Campbellsville Industries. The job includes considerable rework of the support hanging inside the existing roof. Work will be finished near the end of 2015.

8/4/15 – The city of Richmond has recently awarded Brooks and Company the contract to build a new fountain at Jefferson Park. The project includes a 19′ diameter concrete “pool” with a brick facing and a limestoene cap. Connecting walks tie the new area to the existing facilities. Benches with surrounding landscaping round out the upgrades. A 7 1/2 cast iron fountain (provided by the owner) will be set as the focal point of the completed project.

5/27/15 – Brooks & Co. has recently been awarded a contract with Richmond City Public Schools to construct a multi-level stop elevator addition and an upgraded fire alarm system.

3/16/2015 – Brooks & Co. has been awarded a contract with the city of Richmond to construct a new splash plad at Ann Hardy Plaza. This includes landscaping and facility improvements.

2/20/2015 – Brooks & Co. has recently been awarded a contract with the Department of General Services to complete bathroom alterations at their surplus warehouse location.

2/1/2015 – Brooks & Co. was awarded a contract with Westminster Canterbury to complete ADA upgrades to two (2) restrooms.

1/29/2015 – Brooks & Co. recently started construction of a new boat facility and office at the Powhatan location of the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

1/14/2015 – The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has awarded Brooks & Co. a contract to renovate the entry ceiling. This includes a complete wet pipe fire suppression system and new finishes in the existing main entry

11/25/2014 – Brooks & Co. has been awarded a contract with J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College to construct a new asphalt parking lot at their Parham Road campus.

10/30/2014 – Brooks & Co. has recently completed construction at the City of Richmond’s City Hall to replace restroom doors on the ground level floor.

10/01/2014 – Brooks & Co. will begin renovations of the 13th floor conference room at the Jefferson Building.The work includes furnishing and installing all wood paneling, base trim and chair rail.

9/3/2014 – Brooks & Co. has been awarded a contract with the Virginia Department of Transportation to construct an 1800 SF addition to the equipment shop building in Charlottesville.

7/30/2014 – Brooks & Co. was awarded a contract with the Department of Military Affairs to do the AASF Entrance Modernization in Sandston, VA. This project will consist of demolition, installatin of new gaurd house, concrete walkway, and building 3904 with communication at entrance. This also includes rolling gates at entrance and sitework.

7/7/2014 – Brooks & Co. received a contract with the RFD Credit Union to creat a new toilet room at the 2nd floor office area consisting of approximately 90 SF.

6/13/2014 – Brooks & Co. just started a project with John Tyler Community College to renovate classrooms at their Chester Campus. The work provides electrical and finish upgrade to (4) classrooms.

6/10/2014 – D.W. Cary Hauling Company has awarded Brooks & Co. with a contract to construct a pre-engineered metal building addition that has a 30’x95′ Wash bay area with a 20’x30′ equipment room.

4/22/2014 – Brooks & Co. has recently received a contract with Richmond Public Schools to construct an ADA Accessible Pathway to the Greenhouse at Armstrong High School.

4/11/2014 – Brooks & Co. has recently been awarded a contract with the County of Henrico for a kitchen renovation at Glen Lea Elementary School, which includes a new walk in freezer/cooler unit. The work will be completed before school starts.

4/5/2014 – Brooks & Co. has completed construction of a (33) space parking lot at the Petersburg Area Transit Multi-Modal Station. This provdies much needed additional parking for their customers.

4/2/2014 – Brooks & Co. has started interior upgrades, renovations and a building addition to Richmond City’s Fire Station #10. The project is due to be finished before the end of the year.

2/2014 – Brooks & Co. have been awarded a contract from Caliber Equipment for an Addition and Renovation to their new office/warehouse facility in the Ellerson Industrial Park in Mechanicsville, VA. Work began in April

11/13/13 – Brooks & Co. started construction at the Department of Juvenile Justice Cedar Lodge office to repair water damages.

10/8/13 – Brooks & Co. started construction of the elevator, machine room, and lobby at Norrell Annex for Richmond Public Schools. The project is going well and is expected to take approximately 2 monthls to complete.

9/18/13 – Brooks & Co. has been awarded a contract with the Commonwealth of Virginia to construct two steel framed canopies at the Virginia Surplus Warehouse.

9/6/13 – Brooks & Co. was awarded a contract with United Methodist Family Services to renovate up to (4) existing bathrooms.

8/01/2013 – Brooks & Co. has started the renovation of the White House at Appomattox Regional Governors School for Petersburg County Schools. This project consists of renovating the second level into a 2 bedroom apartment with a kitchenette, and the first level into a community meeting area.

7/30/2013 – Brooks & Co. is currently working with Richmond Public Schools to construct new ramps, railings and a new doorway for ADA Improvements at Carver Elementary School.

7/15/2013 – Brooks & Co. has completed the renovation of the library at the Goochland campus of J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.

6/30/2013 – Brooks & Co. was awarded a contract with Amelia County School Board to construct security vestibule at Amelia County Elementary School.