Manufacturing and Heavy Construction

Fire Training Academy -Phase I

Sandston, VA

Architect: Worley and Associates

Phase I of this project consisted of demoing the old City of Richmond Fire Training Facilities and constructing a new facility.  The new facility’s construction included a masonry and concrete “burn building” and tower, extensive concrete paving, “burn pads” and holding ponds. Special heat resistent calcium aluminate concrete was employed in several of the burn areas. The City Fire Department uses the facility to train fire fighters in real life situations. Length of construction time was approximately one year, and phase II started about a year later.

Chandler’s Mill Pond Dam

Westmoreland County, VA

Architect: JK Timmons

This project involved reconstructing an eastern dam which had been breached several years prior. Work began in late fall and continued through an extremely cold and wet winter. Despite the conditions, the project was completed ahead of schedule.

Northern Motors

Ashland, VA

Architect: Acanthus

The building for Northern Motors consists of an office area, a warehouse area and a shop for heavy equipment repairs. The building is approximately 9,500 SF in size.

DW Cary Hauling

Ashland, VA

Architect: Acanthus 

DW Cary’s building consists of office space and a work shop for various truck repairs. The building totals approximately 13,000 SF in size.

Echo Lake Dam

Henrico, VA

Architect: Timmons Group

One of the earlier projects in Brooks & Co’s history, the Echo Lake Dam project consisted of constructing 400 LF of concrete and earthen dam varying in height from 12′-0″ to 20′-0″ in height. The project also included a pedestrian pathway system, a paved parking lot and various other site improvements.