Some of the services that we provide include:

Sunset Bowl – Richmond, VA

Estimating and Bid Preparation

One of the most pressing concerns to any owner is budget. Just what is my project going to cost? Brooks & Co. prides itself in being able to answer this question for any owner no matter what the nature of the project and to do so as quickly and accurately as time and available information will allow.

Brooks & Co.’s new work comes from a combination of negotiation, select bid lists, and off of the “hard-bid” market. Brooks & Co’s Estimating Department takes great pride in having a finger on the pulse of the market. Knowing the true costs of the various pieces and parts of every project at all times ensures accurate budgets. If you need help determining your budget, let us know. We are happy to help.


Second only to budget is the owners’ concern for time. Recognizing that time is often as important to our clients as dollars, Brooks & Co.’s project management staff is committed to finishing projects on time, regardless of project size. Brooks & Co can also help prospective clients work out their special scheduling needs and concerns prior to starting work. This allows clients to better understand when all of the pieces come together and when owner-furnished items should be ordered.

Dominion Pottery – Fredericksburg, VA
Belle Isle Access Bridge – Richmond, VA

Value Engineering

Over budget or afraid you might be headed that way? You are not alone. Many of the projects on the market today are designed and ready to go forward in a fashion that will ultimately bring them in over budget.

Brooks & Co can approach the means and methods from a different perspective; suggest alternative materials; and work with the owner and architect to assure that an upcoming project truly meets the client’s needs without being more than what is needed. Brooks & Co can help bring even drastically over budget projects back into line.

In the end, the owner should get the best “value” from the construction dollars spent. If you are concerned that you are headed down the wrong path on budget or are stuck; get in touch with Brooks & Co. We can help.

General Construction

Brooks & Co.’s primary business is general contracting. The firm builds projects from as little as a few thousand dollars up to 7-8 million. Brooks & Co has a bonding capacity of up to 18 million dollars total in a given year and 8-10 million dollars on any given project.

There is great pride in the width and breadth of the market that is served by Brooks & Co – from all types of commercial, industrial, and state and local government projects to the heavy construction field. With over $200,000,000 worth of work completed, Brooks & Co has the experience to take on practically any project you may be contemplating.

310 South Boulevard – Richmond, VA
Admin Building at Riverview Cemetery – Richmond, VA

Fast Track Construction

If your schedule is very tight and you have to meet a fixed completion deadline, you may want to consider a fast track method of construction. This method involves an accelerated construction sequence that begins while the design phase is still on going. Meticulous, detailed coordination is required between the design group and the contractor to eliminate overreach errors on the construction side.

Brooks & Co. has participated successfully in a number of fast-track projects. One in particular was the AMF manufacturing center in Mechanicsville, VA. This 365,000 square foot project was built in ten months, from start to finish including all of the design

Design Build

Brooks & Co. is a proponent of the traditional three party relationship that drives most of the construction industry. The checks and balances provided by the normal owner, architect, and contractor arrangement is tried and true and has served all parties in the industry well for numerous years.

There are however, certain projects that lend themselves to having both the design and construction conducted through the contractor. Smaller, less complicated projects with limited scope sometimes lend themselves to being handled in this fashion. Brooks & Co participates in a number of these each year and is happy to discuss the pros and cons of this method with any owner to help choose the right method for a particular project.

Department of Motor Vehicles – Chesterfield, VA
Midlothian Middle School Field House – Midlothian, VA

Construction Management

Occasionally owners need special assistance in managing a specific project where the services and insight of an experienced contracting group would be invaluable. This may come into play helping to manage an existing contract or providing needed additional coordination between the owner, the design team, and another contracting group. Our firm brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the table on behalf of the owner in circumstances such as this to be sure the owner gets the best possible results from his construction effort.